As you might imagine, the costs involved in outfitting Joe’s Very Long Walk are significant.  We especially need your help right now because funding an experimental advocacy campaign in addition to maintaining our websites and developing new resources for trauma survivors is a heavy financial burden for a young advocacy organization.  And of course, gear wears out, nutritious food costs money, and life always throws you curveballs. 

However, Other Lives also believes that “…if it is inaccessible to the poor, it is neither radical nor revolutionary…” and so we offer multiple ways to support the hike. 

Other Lives’ Patreon

Our current goal is to fund Joe’s Very Long Walk. This project will help us and others define the difference between surviving and living, which is a question central to the understanding of our vision and mission.  Any excess from this goal will go towards financing new goals for the organization. Your money will always go directly to benefit work for trauma survivors.  


Joe’s PayPal

It’s simple and fast, drop Joe a donation here:  Joe King's PayPal


Sponsor Joe’s Gear

If you sponsor a piece of gear, you get to name it and Joe will refer to it by name in videos and audio he creates along the way! Other Lives’ only rule is that the name not be scatalogical or otherwise offensive. (Inside jokes are fine as long as they meet the above guidelines.) If you are interested, please Paypal the amount via the link above as “friends and family” along with a note stating what you would like to pay for, what you would like to name the item, and the name you would like to be credited under.

To find out what gear’s available for sponsorship, go here:  Joe's Gear List




Want to send Joe a letter or trail mix or something?  You can do that!  Send your mail here:


PO BOX 40193

Baltimore, MD  21212


Please note:  Our staff in Baltimore (Lizzie) will not read any personal messages sent to Joe, but she may need to repackage your gifts in order to send them on to Joe.