Other Lives is maintained by day to day volunteer work from three permanent staff, all of whom are trauma survivors.


Pictured, from L--R:  Lizzie Jump, Irina Greenman, & Joseph King



Lizzie knew even when she was young that she wanted a career helping others. She has completed extensive volunteer work for a broad range of organizations from small community education projects to the National Alliance for the Mentally Ill, culminating in a successful professional career in volunteer management and organizational operations. After graduating St John's College with a B.A. in Liberal Arts, she spent 2 years in AmeriCorps working in Baltimore City as a volunteer coordinator for a program to benefit low-income and minority areas.  She then spent another 7 years working for The Family Tree, a nonprofit dedicated to preventing child abuse. In addition to her field-oriented volunteering for groups focused on disability, trauma, and mental health, Lizzie also spent about a decade volunteering for The Mobtown Players as a producer, stage manager, and board officer; she currently coordinates the Baltimore chapter of the Girls Only Comics Club, a group focused on achieving women's parity in comics publishing and consumption.



Joseph King is the creative director and founder of Other Lives. He brings the broad vision which informs the basis of the organization from his experience in outreach work, environmental and public health consulting, and mental health first aid.  After graduating from St. John’s College with a B.A. in Liberal Arts, he went on to earn a Master’s of Public Health and a MS in Public Health from Boston University, and continues on a path of self-education. He has worked as an HIV Outreach Worker, conducting testing, referrals, and counseling for at-risk and marginalized populations; as an assistant project director in addiction research, designing programs to identify addiction issues in students; he has completed a certificate program in managing complex humanitarian emergencies, with a final project focusing on the prevention of gendered violence. He is currently participating in Joe's Very Long Walk, the inaugural advocacy project for Other Lives, and will be on the Eastern Continental Trail for most of the upcoming year as part of that campaign.



Irina has been focused on education since her early teenage years, initially turned toward classical languages, earning a B.A. in Latin from Bryn Mawr College. She has volunteered as a tutor and in outreach programs for classical studies since that time, most recently pursuing that interest to a Ph.D. in Classics at the University of Florida. Her awareness of social justice issues in education was sharpened by a decade teaching world languages in public schools with high populations of marginalized and at-risk students. Irina has made a partial career change to focus her advocacy on disability rights. She currently volunteers with National ADAPT, and as a guest lecturer on intersectional social justice in the classics at public schools in Virginia. She is also a vocal social justice activist in the online science fiction, fantasy, comics, and gaming communities, and has been a panelist at the Baltimore Science Fiction Convention on numerous related topics.



Pictured (L--R) Joe and Lizzie's Other Lives tattoos  Designed by:   Melissa Anderson   Tattooed by:  Telly Konstantinidis

Pictured (L--R) Joe and Lizzie's Other Lives tattoos

Designed by:  Melissa Anderson

Tattooed by: Telly Konstantinidis