The core piece of Other Lives is the forum. If you are struggling- either as a survivor, or as a witness to someone else's surviving- I hope you will find community here. 

A crucial part of the work we are doing is to compile a resource list that connects all of the databases that I know exist in various forms on websites and flashdrives and in the brains of people who were so busy working that they never wrote it down. This list needs to exist in one place. It needs to be accessible to trauma victims and to caregivers, and it needs to be searchable by location, exclusion criteria, and specialty. It needs to be vetted and continually updated. It needs to be multilingual. You need to be able to go on your phone and search in one app for DV shelters or inpatient trauma programs right now. I have no doubt that many others are working on this as we speak, but we need to make this exist however we have to.

I'm working on funding sources, and I have a few ideas that might work. I will need more. Right now, you can support us in a few different ways here.

I hope that one day we will be organizing to push for policy changes around mental health care funding, domestic violence laws, LGBTQ discrimination, drug users' rights, immigration reform, police accountability, and sex workers' rights.

I hope that one day we publish paper books full of our stories.

As things develop, this page will keep details of the projects we are working on, along with current needs and some analysis of barriers.

You can sign up for our email list here, find us on Twitter, and follow my public posts on Facebook.