Hi! We need your support, and there are many ways to help!

Not everyone can afford to contribute money, and that's okay! Your presence is a tremendous gift.

Other Lives lives and dies by the motto: "If it is inaccessible to the poor, it is neither radical nor revolutionary." The forum and our online publication will always be free for survivors and their loved ones.  

Here are some ways you can support Other Lives' mission:


Monthly support via patreon

The biggest thing we are looking for right now is stability so that we can make solid plans to develop the organization and fund our projects. 

For this reason, we set up a campaign on Patreon, which is not time-bound and allows donors to commit to a monthly donation.

Crowd-funding is not our forever plan, but it is necessary right now. So you know, Patreon takes a 5% cut to keep the lights on, and then there are credit card processing fees that can add up to another 2.9%, so we won't get every dollar that you donate. For numerous reasons, this arrangement is not ideal, but, every little bit helps and you will get gifts from us in return.

If you can help out that way, please go here here: https://www.patreon.com/otherlives


one-time donations via paypal:

If you would like to make a one-time donation, you can do it via Venmo (www.venmo.com/otherlives) or Paypal (www.paypal.me/jking443). If you use Paypal, please be sure to send it as "friends and family" so Paypal doesn't take 2.9% off the top.

If there is some other way you'd like to donate, please contact Joe, and we'll figure it out!


Visit our Store

We opened an online store! Visit us there and check out what's new.

COMING SOON:  We will be opening an additional store with an online vendor where you can purchase apparel, gifts, and other items. 


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use amazon smile

If you link an Amazon customer account to Amazon Smile, and select Other Lives as your charity to benefit, we will receive a small percentage of what you pay--for all eligible items--at no cost to you.

Other Lives supports small businesses over international conglomerates whenever we have the chance, but if you use Amazon already, this is one small way you can help support our mission


add your voice, knowledge, and wisdom:

Please join us on the forum and help us build the resource list. Share your perspective. We want to hear what you've learned as you've navigated this. Sharing what you know is a tremendous way to help that is worth more than gold.


signal boost and spread the word

Ultimately, we are nothing with you. Other Lives doesn't exist without community. If you find value in this, tell others about it. Share things on social media. Point people to the forum. We exist to provide support and advocacy for folks who struggled (or are struggling) like we did.

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volunteer to help

If you have some area of expertise that you think might be relevant, please email me and we'll figure out how to put it to use.


Thank you.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.