About the Walk

In order to more fully explore the differences between surviving and living, Other Lives is funding an experimental project in which our founder, Joseph King, is undertaking a marathon hike during which he will participate in our advocacy campaign from the paths that make up the Eastern Continental Trail.

Like many trauma survivors with Complex PTSD (C-PTSD), including others on our staff, Joe is too disabled to work a full-time conventional job, and the process of coming to terms with this is part of his personal impulse to begin this journey.

The Eastern Continental Trail (ECT) is a 5400 mile patchwork of seven or eight trails and road walks that begins in Key West, includes the entire Appalachian Trail in the middle and stretches from Key West to the northern tip of Belle Isle, Newfoundland, 2km from the only authenticated Norse Viking site in North America. Only a handful of people have ever thru-hiked the entire thing, and even some of them stopped in Quebec. A northbound thru-hike, meaning the trail is completed in a single year, requires leaving Key West in January and keeping a rigorous pace in order to finish before the weather shuts it down.

Joe will be meeting with interest groups - disability groups, veteran groups, accessibility groups, hiking groups - along the way. He will be inviting others to walk along with him, to literally mobilize our community.

To inquire about scheduling a meet-up with Joe, please contact Other Lives' Communications Manager, Irina Greenman at: info@otherlives.org

To inquire about joining Joe on the trail, please email him at: joe@otherlives.org

A Personal Message From Joe

Before leaving for Key West, Joe wrote A Substitute For Pistol and Ball and recorded the following video to talk about his motivations for undertaking this monumental endeavor.